Book2 Chp06 7
Posted May 30, 2022 at 04:14 pm

Hi everyone,

Soon there will be a big announcement for the release of the new chapter 1 on the site! As you have probably read in many many past posts, this is a big update to celebrate the comic's 10 year anniversary and to prepare the comic for its final plot arc in book 3! I am so excited to finally share these pages with you!! I think it adds a lot more fun to Trystan and Kay meeting for the first time! I will make more announcements in the coming days/weeks as we get closer to the release of this newly redone chapter.

If you love that old first chapter (not including the prologue) and all its weird webcomicy quirkyness (also the character, Blair) , read it now, because it will be taken down in June and only made available on Patreon as a lost chapter.