posted Jul.27.15 at 03:00 am

Kay jumped out of the pan and into the fire!

Hey Guys! In case you missed it, My husband and I launched a kickstarter last Monday

So what is this thing you ask? Well Goblinade is a competitive “Take That!" card game. You are a goblin running your very own lemonade stand! By collecting ingredient cards you can create drinks to draw certain monster customers. Having the most customer points wins the game, but watch out- because your competition can poison your stock and steal your customers away!

I was a beta tester on this project and helped with layout and some of the marketing. The wonderful art was drawn by Gary Laib and Evan Yovaisis. Because husband is the designer, supporting this project is technically supporting me and our family's dreams to make cool games! So I ask you guys to please check it out, and even if you don’t pick up a copy than i humbly ask you share it to people who may have an interest in games!

Thanks for looking! Also- FYI- im out next week for wedding party buisness, so no comic update T__T