posted Nov.11.16 at 02:30 pm

 Time to Go!!!

It's been a weird week- job training, art tests, politics, ect. There will be a page up this coming week as well but it might be a day or two late.

The current state of things: So everything that can go wrong has this last week. My cintiq, a drawing monitor that I use to make not just Forgotten Order, but all my art, has died on me. This is a 2K investment that I cant easily replace, especially since I am still not gainfully employed. I havent given up yet though, I still have a week of warranty left on the thing, and my god im going to get Wacom to replace my machine!

That said, it may be weeks before I get everything processed and shipped, please bear with me! I cant tell you how devestating it is to not be able to work on my art. I will do my best during this period to update the FO Patreon with extra content and hopefully we will be back to normal next month!