chp4 pg 33 End

In which the owl is your get out of dream pass…

This page is missing some finish, but I wanted to make sure i updated on time this week. I will reupdate later this week.
Chapter 4 is done! This means the comic will go on a short break and than begin updates for chapter 5. In the mean time I will be posting some illustrated prose the next week or two while I try and get ahead on comic pages.
Thanks for sticking around guys, its been a weird chapter for me. I lost my job, had a baby, got a new job, had an ER visit and health issues all in the last  year. And the hiatus and general weirdness of my mood and health made this a difficult to chapter to get thru. Ive actually been slowly going back and fixing up pages (since some weeks i did not draw as well for obvious reasons XD).
I think chapter 5 will run a lot smoother! *crosses fingers*

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