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Kay_castThe Dreamer/”Kay” The Bone Doll
As a Bone doll she has spent centuries as a servant for fauni wizards and witches. She constantly struggles with the loss of her humanity and a general distrust of everyone around her. After being forced to “befriend” the fauni child, Trystan, Kay starts to wonder if their is more to her life than just dreaming of revenge (and mysterious blue strangers).
Her alter dream ego is a masked woman trying to search out any trace of her human past.

Trystan Wicker
The unfortunate daughter of the Wicker family. It is speculated that her undeveloped skills in magic are a result of a long time childhood illness which often leaves her weak and fatigued. This has cost her an apprenticeship and acceptance in the eyes of the very strict and formal Fauni society. Her greatest wish is to be seen as "helpful" and "wanted" in the eyes of her people. With the help of her bone doll, Kay, Trystan runs away to find apprenticeship with a Fauni who will accept her for who she is.

marriwen_Merrick_wicker_castMariwen and Merrick Wicker
Though often referred to as the “twins” they are in fact triplets (Trystan being the 3rd and mostly forgotten sibling). Ambitious, competitive, and academically inclined, they are leagues above their other classmates and have worked hard to gain reputation and notoriety within their own temple (difficult given the low status of their family name). A common strength among Fauni twins, their powers are at their best potential when they work together as a team. Their number one goal in life is to be the greatest at everything ever (and make sure everyone knows it!).
After the twins have a run in with a four-horned soothsayer, they are convinced that getting Trystan out of their small kingdom of WhiteWall will put themselves on a path to unparalleled success.


Lady Wicker
Trystan’s Mother. A descendant of the Bricken House and native citizen to White Wall City.  Many years ago there was quite a scandal when she left town only to return married to a mysterious man from the north. She now sequesters herself to her residence; rarely leaving. Talk around town is she can no longer endure the pressures of high society. She loves Merrick and Mariwen and is immensely proud of them, but holds nothing but resentment towards her sickly child, Trystan. 


FatherWicker_Cast“Oldman” Wicker
Trystan’s loving yet overprotective Father. A master herbalists and Apothecary, he has spent years wandering the wilds and back roads collecting samples and recipes to further his art. A relative newcomer to White Wall City, he is looked upon by most residences as an eccentric hermit.


Horace Brickenhouse
Trystan’s Uncle and Owner of the once respected Oribel’s tradeshop. He sometimes allows Trystan to “help” around his shop in order to not begrudge his Sister, Lady Wicker.


Blair Brickenhouse
Trystan’s cousin. Pfffft…



Real name unknown. Bone doll servant to the last few generations of the Brickenhouse Family and the unofficial tradeshop mascot. Its presence gives Horace and Blair the genuine creeps. It was banished for a time to the basement but after an incessant amount of wailing it was returned to the front of the shop where it now keeps a mostly silent watch over the main counter.
Most recently Phinny was handed down to Mariwen and Merrick to aide in their studies.


The Blue Dreamer/Perrane/The Mist Knight
A mysterious Mage who claims to be immortal and has a strange attraction to Kay. He serves as Knight and Inquisitor to an unnamed wizard.


A weird ghost owl. This ghost appears in Kay's dreams again and again eventually crossing over into real life as a ghost like presence. The dreamer is not quite sure why it follows her around but it has become something of a companion and protector.


Maeve - The Four Horned Witch
Known to most as the Four Horned Witch for her unusual extra set of horns. She is always holding a small mirror and is frequently in the company of a "living shadow".
Not much is known about the mysterious Matron Maeve except that those in power want her dead, and to stay that way. Maeve lives deep in the wilds, only emerging to recruit lost and exiled fauni into her flock. She is considered a "feral fauni" one who lives outside the laws of her kind and dabbles in old and wild magic thought lost long ago. Some belives she is under a dangerous curse
Maeve has a pointed focus on Trystan but her true intentions are not yet known.

Minor Cast: (info to be added)

WhiteWall Academy's Head Master

The temple keeper and his iniate



Sister Dark Eye