Book2 Chp 6 pg8
Posted June 13, 2022 at 01:41 pm

It is finally time! Time to read to the brand spanking new Chapter One for Forgotten Order's 10 year anniversary!!! 
These pages retell how Trystan first met Kay, in a slightly more dramatic way. I sure hope you like them! I literally wrote the script/sketched these pages back in 2018- that is how long I have been sitting on this remastered version, and only recently have I had the mental stamina to ink and color them. Now is a great time to read the prologue and archives if you have not looked at it in a few years.

In a few weeks I will start to add in Sir Perrane's quest scenes, because one thing that Book 1 is sorely missing is more Perrane, I mean really what has that guy been up to between the whole dream thing and finding Kay?!

Also these pages are missing is comments, they need to be broken in, so for those of you who love to share your thoughts now is your time to shine! I will go thru and feature the "best/funniest/most interesting" ones in a few days.