Book2 Chp6 page 6
Posted May 17, 2022 at 04:31 pm

Kaytrin did not enjoy the small talk.

I have been pondering a bit on how Forgotten Order exist be on webtoons, and besides all the fun of imaging this story in scrolling format episodes, I am a little stuck on genre. Obviously Forgotten Order is a fantasy story, but what would be the secondary sub genre? It is Action, Romance, Supernatural, Mystery, Comedy, All Ages? (Those seem to be the closest). I am too close to my work to be a good judge of this because i feel like different parts of the story carry those themes. Anyways, let me know how you would define it! :)

And for those wondering, a webtoon launch is planned for the future, but the comic would be rolled out slowly. It would take it a looooong time to catch up to this point in the story, not 10 years long- maybe 1 or 2 years at least.