Fauni FairyTale - The Moon Knight 04
Posted March 23, 2020 at 03:00 pm

But the next morning, her mother awoke, perturbed by the stranger in her house.
“Who are you?” she asked again and again.

“my sweet mother, I am your only daughter,”

But her mother would only shake her head.
“You are nothing like my daughter” And the mother sent her away.

Confused, the girl wandered her village. Not one neighbor could recognize her as she was now, and almost as soon as they had met her, they would quickly forget everything that had transpired between them. Even the words and pictures she wrote would fade from the page. The girl pleaded to her loved ones, but it was to no avail, the memory of her in the present could not hold. She could leave no trace.

It was not long before the girl’s mother, thinking her daughter was lost forever, made her a grave beside her brothers. The curse has taken hold. A sad take away from this page is knowing that each of her brothers went thru this as well. At a certain point it is probably too painful to stay. Hello readers. I hope you are all doing well. This is a bummer type page, but I promised last week that I would try and talk about fun things to read while your cozy at home. So here is a silly one, No One Likes a Goblin, by Ben Hatke . This is currently my son's absolute favorite book right now (he is 6). It is a book for children...but really it is probably a book about someone's D&D campaign. I mean look at these guys.
This book prompted my son to ask me a lot of questions like "Mom, what is a rogue?" and "Why does that guy have a hammer?"...Which was followed by me getting out the 5th edition handbook teaching him all the important facts of adventuring. If you want to get your kids into the hobby early then this may be the book for you.

But more importantly, this book features goblins! And dungeons! And a skeleton. Obviously my kid likes the monsters the best. The book is illustrated very nicely (which is why i grabbed it off the shelf), short and sweet for a bedtime book, and there is ample opportunity to practice all manner of silly voices while reading it. We found our copy at the library (they even had it in Swedish! so it may be available in your native tongue). I think we have checked this book out for like 3 months now but i was made to return it for the enjoyment of future children. I expect a new copy to show up in the Easter basket this year. Understandably libraries might be difficult to access right now so here is an amazon link where they also have a kindle edition.
If you get a chance, share this with a kid in your life, and you too can have the pleasure of hearing "I'M THE GOBLIN KING!" shouted at you several times a day without warning.
Next week I will try and think of something more mature to recommend. But, hey, do you have a favorite kids book? Let me (and my kid) know :)