Fauni FairyTale - The Moon Knight 03
Posted March 16, 2020 at 12:34 pm

Brave men and Knights went into the woods to find and vanquish the evil spirit. But all who went were never seen or heard from again. 

 A dark haired youth lost three of her brothers to the ruins. Only she was left to care for her poor grieving mother. On full moon nights the girl would keep vigil while her mother slept, and it was one such night, that the dark spirit appeared before her.

“All that I was, was taken from me, All that I am forgotten, And so you too shall be like the dead, Your present cold and rotten.”
The shadow then drifted away, back to the forest ruins where it lay. The girl was relieved, for it had not taken her with it.

Hello Readers, These are some strange times that we are living in, I hope that you are all safe and well! I have been officially work from home now and have been setting up my apartment to accommodate an additional workstation. It has been a little weird to be home all day. I was thinking of putting together a more official reading list as I am sure many of you will be consuming a lot of media these coming weeks. Plus it is fun to talk about our favorite books and comics! I will add it soon, but in the mean time, what is everyone up to? What is your current favorite book and comic book (besides Forgotten Order of course XD ). Take care everyone, Christy