Fauni FairyTale - The Moon Knight 05
Posted March 30, 2020 at 06:48 am

The forgotten girl vowed to find a way to stop the Taker from spreading his terrible curse. 

She journeyed into the woods and spent many weeks searching for the spirit. Finally she found a pile of broken stone hidden in a tangle of vines. From the thickets the girl pulled free a helmet and sword and fancied herself a knight. As she waited, she practiced her sword play upon the weeds, and there she uncovered a strange monument. Upon a cracked stone she could read only one word…”Zvestren”.

 Finally the full moon rose and the spirit emerged from the shadows.

“Go no further” cried the girl as she brandished her sword. “I vowed to put you to rest and break the curse. Tell me what will give you peace, and I swear I will free you from this horror.”

A headstrong child thought this was the best course of action but didn't question why this place is littered with discarded weapons.

Hello Readers,

I didn't have the energy to write a book review today ( i can barely stop sneezing this week), but here is something cute my Husband has been doing to pass the time, and teach people the wonders of Marble Builds (Our house is big fans of the Marblelympics). My son helped build the set for this little Easter Video, Hopefully it will get you all into the spirit of spring...and candy. Either way i think it is amusing. 

His channel also has some guides on setting up more elaborate marble runs for interested parents (and kids).

Have you guys taken up any new hobbies or activities??? (I have Animal Crossing to keep me sane).