New Beginnings - Chp2 pg06
Posted October 22, 2012 at 12:00 am

This is where the redrawn pages and original page merge! 
From here on out there will be some minor revisions to pages and dialogues to fix plot holes created from the done chapter one, but nothing extensively redrawn. 


APE Recap

So I had an awesome time at APE this year! I shared 2 tables with the wonderfully talented Aisleen Romano and Kim Herbst. I got to meet a ton of creators, see my old school friends, and even met a fan or two. So thank you to everyone who stopped by and welcome to any new readers who discovered the Forgotten Order at the expo!

Id like to give a few special shout outs. First to Comic Book of the month podcast who put together a great overview of APE and mentioned FO, thanks guys! The podcast archives have a nice list of in depth reviews for both print and indie comics. I should also mention that they are in the middle of a kickstarter to raise money for better equipment and exposure. So if you guys are into podcasts than show some love.

I also got a chance to pick up the new hardback copy of Erstwhile - untold tales from the Brother's Grimm which features several unusual fairytales by drawn and written by group artists, including the lovely Elle Skinner who gave me this most awesome sketch! ^__^

I know I'm probably forgetting someone  but I'd like to mention a few more creators out there who made the weekend fun with their presence.
Lora Innes- The Dreamer
The Bean
Maia Kobabe