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Posted October 29, 2012 at 12:00 am
Enter Lady Wicker.

A friend of mine is doing a kickstarter for a project she and a group of creatives have spent years crafting: School for Adventurers!
"At Eastridge Academy, the realm's best and brightest learn fighting, magic, and even thieving--in short, all of the skills needed to become a great hero. And even the best heroes start somewhere... Or at least that's what the Eastridge first-years like to tell themselves...High school drama meets fantasy adventure in our fun, whimsical novel series, School for Adventurers!"

I'm just gonna assume everyone here likes to read fantasy.

Also, I hope everyone has a safe and festive Halloween! We are having a pet costume contest at my work, that will be the highlight of my day b/c my current residence gets zero trick or treaters T__T