Special Update - The Great Fauni King Webtoons Edition (now in color!)
Posted April 25, 2023 at 03:22 am

woweeee, it actually let me post this super tall image XD

Well hello there everyone, this is the last special update before chapter 7 kicks off. I present to you the webtoons version of the "Great Fauni King" tale. As you might remember, way back in the book 1 archives I posted 2 versions of this story, one from the Fauni perspective (which was quite charitable towards their patriarch) and one from the human/historical perspective (whom everyone despised). At the time they were more of a fun experimental world building thing I was trying.

But times have changed, and I am not convinced that I can get people on webtoons to read that much text without bailing or causing some confusion. So this new version is sort of like a combo of the two. It is a more accurate story of the Great Fauni King. The only cannon that I changed here is that the Exiled Prince only cut off his father's horns (not his head). His intentions were to take his powers away, not kill him. But when soul and horn are bonded it is a death sentence to lose your power.

You can find the Webtoons version of The Forgotten Order Here

Pretty soon I want to see about posting The Forgotten Order archives on other sites as well. I am thinking "Tapas" and "Global Comix". Where do you think the comic could be published?