Fury - Book2 Chp7 pg 01
Posted May 4, 2023 at 03:47 pm

Well hey everyone. Without much fanfare, Chapter 7 begins! 

We are back to another flash back at the broken tower. I love these little scenes because I get to draw all my favorites. Left Prince is getting a little more agitated now. You don't want to see the rest of his room, its a disaster. 
Perhaps it is not so easy to tell, but Kaytrin is a little different, that is because ive adjusted her design XD
If you go back to the last chapter you can see the revised pages . This is pretty typical of me, I almost always revise a new character on their second appearance.

I am struggling with some neck issues which really delayed this week's premier but I've learned my lesson not to push myself too much in these situations. Still, I feel a lack of polish here, but I figure it is better to get the page out then worry over some small details.