Fury- Book2 Chp7 pg 24
Posted February 17, 2024 at 03:33 pm

She has a sword and knows how to use it-
I am not sure i have gone into too much detail here on the knight's magical accessories as it is not super necessary to the plot (maybe on my Patreon I talk more about these things) but just as Perrane has his special horse shield, Kaytrin has a very powerful sword with a gilded horn hilt. What's its power? To cut stuff of course....and by stuff i mean anything and everything, including things of an immaterial nature.

As some on you may remember, my husband is a puzzle maker/game designer- specifically traditional puzzles you do with pen and paper. He has several puzzle books on amazon with covers be yours truly, and just this month If you live in a German speaking country you might even see a collection of his Sunome puzzles in book stores distributed by Topp.

But I wanted to drop a link to his new Patreon where he releases weekly puzzle bundles like sunome, kartoodle, and skyways puzzles .All of his puzzles are human made and are his own original puzzle systems (path and maze making puzzles) that you wont find anywhere else.

Perhaps you all know the looming threat of AI in creative spaces, but it is shocking how much junk people push out because a computer can generate 100s of puzzles a second with no real care or thought to their design (this is especially bad for sudoku and crossword type puzzles). Often times these AI produce puzzles that are broken with no real solution and people don't take the time to QA them before sticking them in a self published book. Now a wave of these AI puzzle books litter the self publishing market and traditional publishers no longer look at submissions because there is too many AI made content submissions. 

Anyways, a gentle wish from me is for everyone to show support for your real life human content creators...god knows they are already starting to use AI to make comics...a whole other discussion I can get into another day.