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*Comic Page edited on 10/13*

After years of work “Forgotten Order” is finally launched. Thanks to those who supported the effort and pressured me to get this online.

As a new reader here is what you can look forward to.

  • A weekly update. Forgotten Order will always have a new page up every Monday!
  • Full color pages with quality art.
  • A long format fantasy story. Just like any graphic novel series this comic will have several chapters and a central over arching plot.
  • This comic will always be free to read online! ALWAYS!

So who ever stumbles upon this site, I hope you give the comic a chance. And if you like what you see the greatest favor you could grant me is spreading the word. Thanks for reading!

-C. Morgan


Congratulations! I can understand about the long burn time before the launch (we had six years in our case.) Best of luck and looking forward to the work!

Just found your comic as part of HiveWorks, looks good, hate having first comment marred by a negative, but…

Last sentence should be “But I think dreams may be all that we have left.” (not ‘maybe be’)

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