Chp4 pg 20

 She was hoping that subject wouldn’t come up

Ah ha! Its up! If your wondering about those other 2 dolls, its best not to cross Rullevan…

property_of_hate_previewIts been awhile since Ive talked about another comic, so here is a new one for the reading list “Property of Hate“. Don’t let the title fool you, this is a fantasy story in the same vein of whimsy as Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz. Our protagonists include a  TV head man with and his unlikely hero- a little girl. Together they travel a strange world of dreams and must face their own “doubts” “grief” “ideas” and other abstractions which take the form of terrible monsters. Its good stuff, and the archive is manageable enough that you can catch up in a lunch break.

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Tinder made the base mistake: don’t ever let someone who may not have your best interests get hold of you (certainly not the ghost of some nasty wizard you helped kill)

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