chp4 pg 15

He lost the antler in a duel.

*** 4/20 – Happy Easter weekend Everyone, I was on holiday so there will probably be an update later in the week ***

Here is a fun snippet of comic history: “The Golden Dames Project” showcases pages of vintage comics concerning powerful female heroines. Each update has a write up on the comic’s history, artist and writer, and background on the era it was created in. It’s been terribly interesting to read these classic comics thru a modern lense. Also who doesn’t love a little camp every now and than.

Futura- girl of the Future

Futura- girl of the Future


I have a question do the cursed have genders and if so is tinder a boy or girl

Hello there,
Tinder/Kay is a “she”, though her gender has always been somewhat ambiguous in her cursed form.
Trystan is the only person to acknowledge her gender in doll form, and of course Perrane knows her in the dream.

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