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Normally Wicker wouldn’t bother hanging about but he just happened to be passing thru when the twins showed up.

And, chapter 4 is now on its way! I admit I have been having a little bit of baby related troubles this week that have really slowed me down, mostly horrible back and body aches. That on top of crunch time at the game studio has really put me out. Ideally this page would be a bit more polished so i may repost it later.

Hey, you all ready for Halloween?! I thought I celebrate the upcoming holiday by posting some very witchy webcomics for you all to enjoy. First up is:

A delightful story about a young witch who wishes to learn traditional baking,

A newer comic featuring a young knight, witches, and magic!

What happens when bratty witches go to high school? Find out here.

Witch’s Quarry
Good old fashioned tale of good and evil, and a witch!

I also heard tale that a super secret witchy web comic will be posted on Halloween over on the Hive Works site.

Do you have a favorite witch webcomic? Or know about any great  supernatural/horror comics? Please share your reccomnedations in the comments and I will post up a special spooky reading list next week!


I spy someone trying to flee the motherly embrace… :D

Alright, I’ll keep it short for the list. Maybe because I haven’t that much witch-related in my bookmarks, besides the ones you already pointed out…

- My favorite: Hemlock. Gorgeous art in black and white, an intriguing story and lots of slav tales undertones to boot. Currently on hiatus, but there is a well-filled archive.

- Witch and Cat: Sometimes, you don’t want to become a witch, you just want to go back to your normal life… but hey. Life’s a witch. Might as well learn something.

Not really about witches, but about magic users:


Don’t let the simple design fool you, it can be really scary at times:

Beware, it can be gory:

Just started reading Solstoria (well, it is a new comic :P ) but have been reading Magick Chicks (and Eerie Cuties) for a couple years now (or at least, it feels like a couple years ;)

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