posted Sep.28.15 at 03:00 am

You gotta watch out for them feral fauni.

Hey guys!
It's that time again for...


October is almost here so this week i'd like to reccomend a fun and spoooky podcast, NO SLEEP . This is a dramtic story telling show based on horror stories submitted to Reddit's r/nosleep forums- complete with voice work, music, and sound effects. There is a huge archive of free episodes you can listen to right now and members can get extra content. Every show is different, and quality/content varies so I think there is something for everyone, wether you enjoy monsters, murder, or just weird and creepy mysteries.
My current favorite is thier season finale, "The Whistlers" which follows the adventure of a group of lore experts stranded in deep wilderness as they are pursued by an unknown force. It's like the game "The long Dark" but with a monster (Yikes!). This is a special 2 hour length episode and I was really impressed by how genuinely terrifying it was.
Words of warning, this is unrated content. Many of the stories have very dark and graphic subject matters, violence and adult situations. So you know, dont listen to this with your kids.
ENOOOOY! *spooky laugh*