Chp2 pg 10

I’m sure the doll is in capable hands…

So I totally blanked on Forgotten Order’s 50th page mile stone, so I proudly present page 55! (Hooray!).
To all those voting on TWC, thank you, I’ve noticed the rank slowly rising the last few weeks and I think we are close to breaking 100. This week’s incentive is a detailed image of one of Trystan’s wall tapestries. And if your curious who the guy is, well he was mentioned offhandedly a while back.

  • Rhan

    So, a wizard riding on the back of a barn owl, huh? I like where this is headed.

  • Kristin

    I love her room! <3 And is that a Totoro doll I see? =)

  • The Code Crimson

    That smokey collapse is just awesome, and looks so sadly painful! Poor thing…

  • Muninn

    best room ever :D

  • Annette

    Ha ha, the Totoro cushion is a nice touch! Loving the story and the artwork!

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