Chp02 pg09

She’s a delight!

The cast page was updated a short while back with a little blurb on Lady Wicker. We will be seeing more of her in the future.

Also added a new vote incentive this week. Click to see a little preview of next week’s page. I’m curious to know what kind of incentives you guys like. I will create little sketch comics every now and then but I can also post more in process stuff like sketches/inks if that is something people are interested in.

  • mrtt

    Nice burn :)

    • Christy

      Its unfortunate that no one is ever really around to enjoy her remarks ;)

  • Carapace

    OH MY GOSH, I’m so glad I waited to read this all in a big chunk! I’d never have survived the weeks of the bonfire dream! I was scared just reading it this way!

    *pants, gathers breath*

    Ok, ok, so…so now I’m even more excited to know what will happen! And, oh man, if this doll has a dreamer-soul, does that mean they all do? Have the festivals been a mass holocaust all this time?!? I am seriously freaked out.

    …Do totally love the awfulness of Lady Wicker, though.XD

    • Christy

      Nice to see ya again Carapace!

      I would say the bon fire scene was more of a public execution with the benefit of sacrificial magic tied in.
      A lot of these things will be expanded on more as the story progresses, but I think its safe to say that Fauni (and many other inhabitants in the world) aren’t very sympathetic to cursed indiviuals. The dolls are somewhat rare (because they are both difficult and extremely dangerous to make) and throughout history they have been used as servants to preform many nefarious deeds. The fact that the dreamer was marked for sacrifice doesn’t speak well of it’s past.

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