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dreams…not to be trusted.


Hey Guys, did you know Forgotten Order just had its 2nd birthday?! The first page was posted on December 12, 2011 ( I completely forgot to mention it last update- whoops!). To celebrate the event (and as a way to show some awesome content during my baby hiatus), I’m going to host a fan-art contest and have an open call for guest strips, here we go:


artyphinnyArt Contest:
The theme is “Create you own Bone Doll“. This is a pretty open ended contest, you can base your bone doll off an OC, yourself, a pet, that kid who bullied you in middle school, whatever your little heart desires. You may want to also include a blurb on why your bone doll became cursed, what its primary task/chore is, or any other character quirk. Just keep it short and sweet (and PG rated). I have a sheet with some general information on bone dolls to help you get started but feel free to ask questions. Submissions begin now up until the beginning of February so there is plenty of time. I will picking a winner and there will also be readers choice winner (I will set up a vote). This can be done in any style. I’m looking for fun and originality so great art skills aren’t a requirement to win   *** Also please please please read the disclaimer below if you decide to enter!***
You maybe be asking yourself are there Prizes????  Yes! I will be giving away the last few copies of my first printing of issue 1 (these are no longer sold anywhere) . This has the original/unedited art work and script from the introduction and chapter 1 so it will never be printed that way again, its kinda like a time machine looking back into my incredible frustration and inability to leave things alone. It will also be signed and include a sketch of your favorite character (hooray). I may add in some other goodies as well (depending on how quickly i recover from maternity stuff and how many entries i receive). Any questions can be directed to my email (ChristyMorganB @

Guest Comics:
Im going to be off probably 6-8 weeks on maternity at the end of January (which is forever in update time!!!). Anyone who wishes to submit a guest comic is more than welcome, just keep it at a teen rating. If I receive anything I will post it as an update and link your portfolio/comic/whatever. Submissions for this are always open but Id like them between Late January and when I come back from hiatus so probably end of February/early March ^__^

Have a Happy a New Years and I look forward to having something fun for you guys while I’m on break!

***All art submited to the contest belongs to you, the creator. Entries will be posted up for viewing on this site (and social media sites related to ForgottenOrder) it will not be used for any other purpose. “BoneDolls” as a concept belong to me.  Please be aware that this comic will feature more bone doll characters in future chapters. Any similarities between my own characters and yours would be purely coincidental and entirely unintentional. So if you do submit something please do not sue me, thanks***

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    Oh WOW!

    Love the new page and I would love to join into the contest! Hm…. I’ll have to think about what it will look like.

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