chp3 pg24
Posted October 7, 2013 at 12:00 am
Even the most skilled mage would of preferred to just take a carriage...not these guys.

(Quick note- this page lacks its normal polish- an updated version will be posted later Monday night- its been a crazy week -- the game I work on is starting its beta and had to go to an all day childbirth class XD- so no weekend for me )

End of Chapter 3! Oh my gosh the time flies. I will be on a well deserved break next week because I will be super busy with Alternative Press Expo in SF (table 722)!

Last chapter break you guys were kind enough to send in beautiful fan art and guest comics- if anyone out there feels compelled to create something try get it to me before next week and it will be posted as a break update! (christymorganb At )

See ya in 2 weeks!