Book2 Chp5 02
Posted May 25, 2020 at 07:12 am
The new page will be a few days late, check back mid week! Sorry guys, I was sick last week :(

That other guy is so lazy!

In past posts I talked about how a fauni's horns contain all their magic. The cursed horns have their own special set of properties. They often change color and sort of phase in and out of space. If you are wondering how the horn goes thru his hood...well the horn is more spirit than a physical object (which is how he can get thru doors). The horn is actually fused to his soul, which is why he cannot just cut it off.

The question is, how can they remove both horns not destroy themselves in the process? That is his quest, and he better hurry because obviously wearing a cursed horn full of malice is not good for him (or his other half). 

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