Quick Announcement 1
Posted April 30, 2019 at 03:14 am

Page 1 -The New pages!

As promised above is the link to the new pages for the Intro. As many of you know a few chapters back I posted a preview of a revised first chapter for Forgotten Order. I got your feedback, retooled some things, and now is the right time to replace the old with the new.
There is some minor changes since the preview, and a new page or 2. The Mist Knight's Story is an important part of the upcoming chapter so refresh yourself on who he is.
Also, a stealth edit was put here (only those 3 pages):

Read Me!

To fix a consistency issue.

For the curious I'm not a huge fan of retconning the comic. But i see this more of a retelling then a huge change. All the intro does is make things a lot more obvious now, and I cut down some of the "fluff". In my early days of comic making, certain parts of the story were a little over romanticized simply because I wanted to draw weird dreamy stuff. Also I was pushing a stronger love story narrative when It wasn't really the focus of the story (I will leave Perrane and Kay's relationship now to be interpreted by you, the readers). Now the story is more contained.

Anyways, I am still writing and adjusting the next chapter, I might just smoosh 2 chapters together and make it an extra big ending for Book 2. I'm still trying to see what feels right.

Stay tuned for the Fauni Fairytale, which should start in the next few weeks.