Perrane Cover- Happy Holidays
Posted December 20, 2021 at 01:01 am

The comic is on Holiday Break for the next month, but here is an early Christmas goody!
This is a special never before seen Illustration that will become the new chapter art for the prologue, it will be page 0 of this comic. Perrane is slumbering peacefully (or maybe not so peacefully) in a dream he cannot wake from.  A little preview of the new pages to come in 2022 for the comics 10 year Anniversary (wow!). 

Hope you all have a Wonderful Winter Break! And for those of you stuck working, I feel your pain (I worked retail for a few years before I became a professional artists and I always got stuck on the Xmas eve shift).
Stay tuned for an upcoming guest art and remember it is not too late if you would like to submit your own fanart for the comic :)