GuestComic "Yokes on You"
posted Mar.20.17 at 12:01 am

Hey look, an awesome guest comic!

Special Thanks to Mike Schneider ( and Marc O'Kelly ( If you're an artist or comic writer you may want to check out the Octal group!
Octal ( ) allows creators to pitch their comics to dozens of publishers at the same time.
Readymade ( ) is an anthology of previously produced comic which frames that existing content in new and interesting contexts.

There are times when I wish I could have dedicated chapters to Trystan and Kay twiddling their thumbs (and snapping their fingers) around the Wicker manor, especially now that Trystan is finally starting to get the whole magic thing down..sorta... not really. You can imagine why Lady Wicker loves sending Trystan out of the house on mundane errands, less broken dishes and small fires for her to deal with. Of course her brother, Uncle Horace from chapter 1, did not always appreciate the extra "help" when a poor bored Trystan would be left under his supervision.

Remember that you too can send in guest comics, there seems to be a theme with two I received so far, Trystan practicing spells and learning to be her own witch with varying results. Send them here (, The comic might not start up again for several weeks so there is time!

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