Fury- Book2 Chp7 pg 22
Posted May 12, 2024 at 05:36 am

Trystan is not the best listener.

I struggled a bit to get this page out earlier, but I'm getting the updates posted as soon as they are ready.

The Forgotten Order on WebtoonsCanvas is also getting monthly updates, though I prefer they be biweekly. My webtoon is currently application pending for "superlikes" on the app. I am not pushing for anyone to use this system as it is not really the best way to tip an artist but it does have some benefits.  For those who are curious how superlikes and other income works for this comic I will post a quick guide below. I think it is good to be transparent about these new systems both on the site and on other apps.

Ad income - I get a percentage of ad income from this website every month thru Hivework's ad network. That means every time you guys visit and read the comic here it helps me out. The amount is low (about $10 a month because I am a smallish comic) but it does cover the comic hosting and helps out Hiveworks (yay).

Patreon - This is my most direct income source for the comic. I am a "founder level" member on Patreon which means they take less of a percentage from my monthly payments. Currently I think Patreon and other sites like Kofi are great for supporting creatives!

Webtoons Superlikes - This is a new program for canvas comics that is supposed to act like a tipping system. You can buy "superlikes" and distribute them to creators on the platform. The downside is that Webtoons does take a hefty chunk of that money and has strict minimums on when artists can access that money which makes it a poor system of income compared to other sites like Patreon. But, Superlikes do have a daily ranking system, this means that giving a creator superlikes gives them more exposure on the canvas front page under the superlike category. For this reason alone, is why I am activating superlikes for the time being. If anyone wants to hand them out to The Forgotten Order, you would be paying to boost the comic, sort of like advertising for the comic, which is good for my readership. Is this system going to be abused like crazy in the future? Is it totally broken? Yeah- probably, which is why I will most likely not keep it up long term. But for now it is an experiment of sorts.

Just know that reading my comic, leaving comments, and sharing it around is actually the best boost I can get. <3
My comic income helps me host the site and pay for software and tools, but it is not why I make the comic. If I made this comic purely to make money I would have stopped a long time ago. I make the comic because I love drawing and telling stories and engaging with you guys, the readers! (and maybe I am just a little crazy to be doing this so long).