Fauni FairyTale - The Moon Knight 01
Posted March 3, 2020 at 03:16 pm

Long long ago…

 in a far away land, a wicked Tower Mage ruled over an impoverished kingdom. The people lived in fear and despair but one day the evil Mage was defeated by a rival Fauni Lord and the once mighty tower was toppled, along with the despised mage who dwelt there .

Memory of the old Tower mage and his cruel rule quickly faded. And in time the people of the new Kingdom forgot his tower, his face, and even his name. His only monument was now a dark patch of overgrown ruins swallowed by forest. 

There seems to be a running theme with Tower Mages.

Hellooooo Readers,

Welcome to the next installment of the Fauni Fairy Tale series, The Moon Knight. I will be posting the transcript on each page for those who dislike the decorative text. This new story gets a little dark and spooky, but we get to follow the origin story of the Moon Knight, whom till this point, we know very little about.

After the fairy tale ends we will be kicking off chapter 5!