Chapter Break - The Faun King pg 1
Posted September 8, 2014 at 12:00 am
And we are on break!

But i won't leave you hanging, while I work on Chapter 5- gathering reference, sketching concepts, and making pages- Im going to be updating with a little story that you would find in one of Trystan's books:
“The Children's book of Magic”
White Wall Temple Press, 16th edition be exact. Of course her people would consider it more of a history lesson than a fairy tale.
A page will probably go up every other day, so the first story will be completed...ummmmmmm...monday! Check back monday if you'd like to read it all at once. After that I will post up a second story (also 4 pages ) and than Chapter 5 will officially begin.
By the way this story isnt essential to the main plot or anything, Ive just had readers ask why the Fauni have horns/magic and thought it would be fun to give some background.