Book2 Chp4 18
Posted November 26, 2019 at 06:14 am

ohff kayff

A few months ago I went to one of those indoor play grounds, the kind with the never ending mazes of tubes, climbing walls, and 2 story slides. My 5 years old, having just the time of his life, invited me to try one of those giant tubular slides and i thought, sure why not. Being an adult person, with a great deal more weight than a small child and much longer limbs, I came shooting out of that slide at mach speeds with enough air to miss the foam mat underneath, and my ass landed hard on a low pile floor rug. Having that much force bit your seat bones and shoot up your spine, im not even sure how i walked away from that. Anyways, I've never worn a suit of armor or fallen off a horse before but my bum felt sympathy drawing that panel.