Book2 Chp06 22
Posted December 5, 2022 at 03:52 pm

Hello Dear readers,
This page came out a little later then I intended but I am currently neck deep in boxes and 3 days out from moving apartments. I am always amazed at how physically and mentally exhausting a move is (not to mention trying to get people on FB marketplace to actually come and pick up old furniture when they say they will). I am downsizing, and will be redoing my whole work area in the new place (smaller desk, smaller tablet, try to be ergonomic). I am hoping to be settled in by Christmas, but then the holidays brings its own stress.
Some good news is the webtooncanvas Forgotten Order mirror is currently featured for the Winter Wonderland, and I am see some new readers from it (hooray). 
Anyways, enjoy this weird update, im not sure i felt so great drawing some of it >_<;