Book2 Chp05 37
Posted June 22, 2021 at 04:02 pm

The irony of Perrane's statement may be lost on him in this moment, but not on us.

These mages may not be as powerful and skillful as one would expect if all their horns were actually on their heads. Seems like Mother hasn't taught them that spell yet.

You all have probably noticed that the comic has switched to something like a Biweekly schedule now. This was partially done for my own sanity but also because on my off week I am drawing other pages for The Forgotten Order Relaunch, which I have mentioned over the last few * cough * years. It is a revised version of chapter one that I had planned for some time but had zero time to draw. 

Well now I have to draw it or else future chapters won't make sense. I think I started that project all the way back in 2018 but making the weekly updates takes about 99% of my energy. Other chapters will remain unchanged, so this isnt a total reboot or anything like that.

Some of you may remember that the revised Intro was phase 1 of this, where I remade the dream sequence when Kay and Perrane first meet in order to fix and simplify Perrane and Kay's back story. I remember this change wasn't super popular and I got lot of great feedback from you all that I would like to revisit in the future. 

Anyways, If anyone is curious on the progress of that you can always check my Patreon. 

Also...Do you notice the transcript below? I am testing out this feature right now. Adding accessibility to this comic would be a huge undertaking, but I am very interested to know if it would be appreciated and what format/style of transcript is most enjoyed? I would like all new pages to have a transcript going forward. But for previous chapters, I cant say for sure, as that is a few hundred pages to write up...yikes.