Book2 Chp05 31
Posted March 29, 2021 at 04:54 pm

The flame has dropped and Perrane is more then ready to move on to the next challenge. Kay on the other hand is just thankful she hasn't caught fire yet.

If you missed my earlier posts on social media, my computer died right after I finished page 30. So I had to scramble to get a new one ordered (and all the good computers are out of stock for months- thanks bitcoin) but luckily I found a pretty decent machine that runs and feels amazingly faster and better then I am used to. Looking back, I don't know how the hell I put up with that computer for so long (Minecraft would crash that machine asn did the lasso tool in photoshop). Thank you again to my Patrons who help finance this comic. The money I made in 2020 was enough to pay for this computer (hooray!) and I didn't feel super stressed to replace it because of the money I had set aside.

I'm feeling really energized now. One of the first things I did was start creating some custom ClipStudio Brush/material sets for the comic, which I used on this page...a leaf brush. It aint much but it will save me at least a minute or two every time I need a bush. My plan is to create several brush sets for different environments, including my most used props.. candles, books, and bottles. I promise when i have these things refined I will post them free on ClipStudio.