Book 2 chp5 page 11
Posted July 29, 2020 at 05:09 pm

Ive thought a lot about Trystan in this moment. She isn't stupid, and most of this information is not really new or even unexpected.  Lady Wicker never hid her resentment that well and her siblings pretty much told her Wicker had been holding her back for years, and now even her childhood illness has come to new light with the healing of the Rook Family. I think what hurts now is the lie, and only now (thanks to Maeve) has she had some time alone to really process her feelings. Trystan's father was her only ally and friend for most of her life, and there is no going back to that either. That is why she went back thru her closet into a place of darkness and uncertainty. She needs to move forwards, not backwards. 

The update schedule is a little loosey-goosey for the moment but the page is still updating once a week (blame summer vacation and pandemic times). I find it easier for my sanity to not have it done by Monday. Hope everyone is making the best of the season!