Chp 4 pg 7

Page 7, In which everyone is thinking about someoneā€¦

Full page is up now! Thanks for the words of support everyone, I will be taking down the half page shortly.

We are now getting into the second half the chapter. Its been a while since we have taken a real departure into the dream stuff. Perhaps this is better for the next update but I will go more more into the Magic of dreams and how they can play an important role in this world.

Have a Happy Holiday everyone and see ya soon!


YESSSS, the Dream Realm is back :D
I realise I really missed it, with its strange worlds and its vibrant colours…

So, old man, who are you thinking about ? Your daughter, or someone else ? In any case, your thoughts seem quite somber.

A bit in advance, merry Christmas if you celebrate it. If not, happy holidays anyway ^^

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