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Mariwen enjoys telling people when they are wrong.

I wouldn’t say they have permission to use bone dolls specifically, but they are prepared to argue about it if needed. You would think Blair would be jealous that Horace entrusted the doll to his niece and nephew, but he wasnt all that sad to see Phinny go.
If anyone one is curious that little trinket Mariwen is holding functions like an ID card- Merrick has one too (as do most Fauni of any kind of importance or trade). If your traveling around or need special access to certain parts of the city its very helpful.

  • redfox

    The font of the permission is hard to read. It’s so small and being in cursive makes it difficult to make out more than a word or two. I assume if it was important it would have been made easier to read? I’m still curious what it says out of the couple words i can pick out of it.

    • Christy

      I originally intended the text to be just be a minor detail but your not the first person who has expressed interest in reading it XD I may go back in the page and enlarge it a bit or turn it into jibberish, but it basically reads something like
      “Fourth level students, Merrick and Mariwen Wicker have permission by White Wall City and it’s sister city states to use low level restricted magic with it’s borders, as decreed by Lord Sundire, Head Teacher at White Wall Temple, ect…”

  • dralou

    You make me deeply sorry for Phinny… And yet I hope he’ll follow his new masters to University, for Trystan’s good.

    And I hear this “WRONG!!!” the same way I would read “Objection!

    Now I wonder what the justice system looks like there -__-

    • Christy

      I got the funniest image in my head of Phoenix Wright in a wizard hat XD

    • Guesticus

      For me it’s Kevin Spacey from the previous Superman movie (the one before the current reboot)

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