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Well at least you’re not alone anymore.

Now is probably a good time to bring up some important notes in the story. Some of you may have noticed I went and updated the intro pages back in October 2013. Mostly it was an art revamp and I condensed a page or 2 to speed up the pace a little. There was a few dialogue changes that I added to make some story points clear (btw- the changes aren’t significant enough that they affect the plot). Sometimes when I write I have a preference to keep things more open to interpretation but I realize that there was some aspects to dreams and Kay’s relationship with Perrane that needed to be explained better. So if you don’t feel like going back and reading through the first chapter here are some bullet points.

  • I removed the implication that “cursed things” do not dream. In most circumstances they do (at least the ones that sleep), though it’s probably more nightmares than anything (think Lady Macbeth).
  • Established that when 2 people share a dream it is “dream walking”. This is an ability associated with magic and sorcery.
  • Kay and Perrane are in disagreement on who is the one initiating the dream walking. (side note here: its not very polite to invade other people’s dreams)



That’s it! Dont forget that Forgotten Order is running a little art contest (see last week’s post) and looking for guest comic submissions while I’m gone on Maternity. It may be any day now!


Yups, the borders between dreams are always dangerous (note, that does not equal deadly, just dangerous, specially if you are unwary and unaware), almost as dangerous as the border between dreaming and being awake

Like the point at which you’re awake enough to have motor control but are still seeing things?

Yeah, but was thinking of the point just before that: where you are aware you are dreaming and have a little control over your actions (rather than just re-acting/’going with the script’) but don’t have full motor control yet (the point where most people wake up bolt upright and screaming)

If you ever meet someone in your dream, someone you know shouldn’t be there, someone just standing there, watching you, they are someone you should keep an eye out for: they really are watching you (not just paranoia or ‘just a dream’), the real you, but whether they are someone to talk to or run from depends on who you are and what you may have done (in dream or waking) to attract their attention

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