posted May.30.16 at 12:01 am

 At this point the twins are positive Wicker has fallen off the deepend.

I remind the reader that all Fauni have purple eyes, with out exception! You can attribute that to them being creatures of magic I guess.

Hey guys, I'm on vaction for the next few days for family stuff, also it's the first time im bringing a toddler on an airplane (yikes!). Next week's page might come a few days late so check back!


The chapter break is approaching soon and I wanted to give you guys something fun to do so I made a coloring book page! Full size image is here . Print it out, color it digitally, or do whatever you feel like, this is just for fun! Please post your version to the Forgotten Order FB page or email the to me ( ) .
I dont have any prizes or anything in mind just yet but perhaps I will randomly pick a few fans to get some postcards or other swag. But I would to take all the versions you guys color and post them up!