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**Part of Monday’s update (12/17) will be posted later in the evening due to some family obligations that came up over the weekend. I may be changing FO’s schedule to Wednesday instead of Monday after this week. Hang in there guys! **


Ah, but this will be fun right, riiiiight?

This page is missing its polish for the moment.  The effects of late pregnancy are really slowing things down now and its all I can do to come home from work and eat dinner before rolling into bed ( bending is difficult). Im almost considering moving Forgotten Order’s update day to mid week but I will see how things progress. Pretty soon I will be telecommuting to work and hopefully i can make up for lost sleep easier since i wont have to spend 2 hours on the train anymore.

  • Koko

    Uh oh, looks like the fun is over.

    Also good luck with your pregnancy.

  • Venka

    Hmmm. I love this comic, how often does it update? And congrats on your pregnncy, hope it goes smoothly. :3 I really love your artwork, characters, and story. I am a little confused, didn’t….Kay….float off with her owl the night of the bonfire? There were two dolls, one spoke, the other did not (forgot how) and than….Kay was the speaking one? And left with her owl after smack talking Phinny? But was burned? I am a little confused there. What happened to the other doll?

    • dralou

      I had the same questions. At first I thought the other doll was Owl, seeing that the other doll “forgot how to speak a long time ago”, and that Owl, who never said anything (so far ?), didn’t appear for quite some time after the Bonfire. I was proved wrong when it did. So I assume that the other doll was definitevely destroyed, and we never happened to personnaly know it. After all, dolls are not supposed to be able to go into the dream kingdom, Kay being the (notable) exception. Meaning, we don’t know the true form of Owl either, but we can assume it has a prety long lifespan, like Perrane and “Kay”.

      The comic is currently updated once a week, Monday, but we’re on the verge of an upcoming hiatus for obvious baby-related reasons.

      • Christy

        Hey there,
        Thanks for posting your questions, I’m always curious if the comic is being understood correctly and find ways to improve my writing and storytelling.
        After going over the old chapters I see now that your confusion is understandable, and I admit that the first chapter was not executed as clearly as I would of liked. So to clarify, Kay was the talking doll the entirety of chapter 1. The owl/ghost is not a doll in the store .For a time Kay thought it was a “figment” of her own dreams, but Phinny later proves this untrue (its true identity has yet to be revealed).
        The second burning doll that was discovered with Kay was more or less a prop I used to demonstrate how burning dolls are destroyed and that Kay was unusual in the sense that all the bonfires went out when they tried to burn her. In unedited versions of this script I had a lot more exposition here that I cut out. Looking back the inclusion of this second burning doll is problematic and distracts from the important characters. Im going to mull over this for a while, but perhaps I need to edit a few panels of chapter 1 to remove this goof up. I hope this doesn’t hurt the current reading experience. I consider Forgotten Order to be like a living document that I am constantly improving upon.
        Thank you for this insight though.
        And yes, the comic updates once a week and will be on hiatus this spring for the baby.

  • Guesticus

    Knew they were up to something, just have to wait and see what they plan on getting out of exploiting their dear trip sister

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