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***11/25/13*** Just a quick update, no comic page this week. Ive been busy with apartment cleaning, baby shower, and setting up the nursery. Now I need a day to rest up because being on my feet all weekend has completely wiped me out. Have a good and relaxing TG holiday and I will see you all next Monday!

really really!

Going crazy this month with upcoming Baby shower and Thanks Giving holiday. Hopefully I will have some extra time to catch up on page making. Id like to give a little shout out to HiveWorks and the new readers who have trickled in from their sites, you guys are awesome! If any of you out there read a Hive comic feel free to make a recommendation in the comments, id love to know what you guys read and enjoy. My newest favorite from Hive is BlindSprings! This comic is still in it’s infancy but its so beautiful that I love it already!

Speaking of recommendations, a few weeks back I asked if you guys had any favorite spooky/supernatural comics- Thank you for sharing!!! Here are a few for you all to peruse:

Sfeer Therory


Redmoon Rising


Hemlock (on hiatus)

Demon Hunter Kain (R- rated Gore)

  • Andy

    I sense a comedy of errors approaching! :)

  • Ruby

    Ooh, this could be very good or very bad. Ha, Phinney getting squished made my day.

  • Guesticus

    “Really?” “Nah, just messing with you Runt!”

  • Guesticus

    Huh? Didn’t even notice had caught up, now have to wait like everyone else (but it will be worth it, really enjoyed catching up)

    Not sure if mentioned yet, but came here via a Hiveworks link in another comic (believe it would have been “Menage a 3″ last night)

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