posted Sep.19.16 at 12:00 am

Our adventure begins!

Double update, I couldn't just leave you guys hanging with a chapter cover. These upcoming pages have been such a joy to create, i hope you guys like them! I really feel like Trystan can finally be herself now.

Thank you to all who have preordered Ghost pins, I actually met the number of people who orginally promised to preorder back when i did a poll, and that is super awesome!!!! Im so excited to send these out, i have the bubble mailers out and ready to go! Now i just have to wait for thier production to wrap up (hopefully by the end of the week). Thats means time is running out to get the Preorder price!

Making multiple orders, have questions? Email me please and I will make you a special Invoice so your shipping doesnt double. (

In other news, some of my art is featured in the new issue of Octal Volume 2

Octal is a curated catalog of comic pitch packets. Built around 8-page pilots, its volumes read like a comic anthology with bonus features-- all while providing first looks at potential books and series.
On this project I worked on a short story called "The seekers" as a grey tone colorist . I dont do a whole lot of outside comic work but its fun to collaborate with other people sometimes and get published in things outside of my little webcomic. If youd like to read Octal than check it out at these distributers:

DriveThru Comics