Chp4 pg 29

He’s a man of many talents.

Ive been playing around on Ustream lately, broadcasting some live painting sessions. Anyone can watch me paint on the comic (spoilers of course) and I will chat it up as well. I would like to try and do this at least once a week. If you guys are interested let me know what days are preferred (i always paint in the evenings) but i will usually alert twitter and the FB when im on.

Also, a reminder that the Bill Murray Show is this Friday! Pre-sale tickets are gone but you can still buy them at the door.

  • Misteria Thean

    Please don’t ruin the shipping I have for them-
    They look so adorable together, I just-

  • Guesticus

    He’s a magic siphon, but prefers the taste of corrupted magic

  • Nashoba

    Anyone notice the reflection in his eyes?

    • Guesticus

      Yeah, that’s her

      • Nashoba

        If you look close enough the reflection doesn’t match her shape. I don’t think it’s her he is seeing.

  • ATurbineFan

    Not to be rude, since I really like your webcomic, but I think you mean “Then… you have guessed my secret?” Than makes no sense in that context.

    • Christy

      Typo noted- will put a fix up tonight

      • ATurbineFan

        Glad I could help. Keep up the good work!

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