chp4 pg 27

Sure, close enough Perrane…

It’s staring to become clear now that Perrane is very much in control of his own dreams- Kay just has a bad habit of falling into them.

This page is not quite the level of polish I want it at but i had a busy weekend finishing up a gallery painting and  some other junk (which I will talk more about later) I will report an art update later this week. Anyways, Perrane had a little bit of refresh with his design. Nothing too major, i just generally don’t like drawing the same costumes again and again (the exception being Kay’s dream persona- which doesn’t really qualify as clothes imo XD ).


it would make sense for his outfit to change, due to the period of time that is passing. One can’t stay the same forever.

Says who? o_O

Pretty much wearing the same clothes for the last 20+ years (had to buy replacement jeans a couple times, and a new shirt and underwear, but the look is the same)

As much as I agree with you, being myself in the same state of mind about clothes (if it ain’t broken, why change it ? And if it can break, than why buy it to begin with ?), I think we are part of the exception that confirm the rule… most people do change their style with the years,be it because they follow the fashion or because they simply changed…

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