chp4 pg 26

It’s been almost a year…

Hey guys! Ive had a crazy week, lots of exciting things happening at work, finishing up an indy card game, working an thing for an art show, and of course seeing good friends. But as always im sad when i have to skip an update. So here we are!

Anyways, its been a while since we have seen these two together, not since the Intro, though Perrane did make a brief appearance in chapter 2.


  • dralou

    I so so want to hug them both…

  • Guesticus

    Wait, Rane saved her while not knowing who he was saving? o_O

    Not sure if that makes him a great guy, or an idiot (wasn’t she trying to wake up/get out of the dreamscape-turned nightmare?)

    • Christy

      He knows her from his dreams only- but When he dreamed she was in danger I suppose he felt compelled to help- XD Again he helps her now, as she tries to run from her nightmare.

      • Guesticus

        Okay, that makes sense

        By ‘a great guy’, meant because he saved her without knowing who he was saving
        By ‘an idiot’, meant because it seemed she was in the process of waking herself up out of the nightmare (but she may also have been falling deeper)

        Have been in enough nightmares (have had to ‘kill’ separate dream-selves to escape twice, and trust me, that is never pleasant, certainly not twice) to know that, no matter how strong your dream-self is, having help is a wonderful thing

  • Gamma

    hmm, the upcoming conversation looks as if it may give Pearrane insights to her seeming immortality, if she doesn’t flee again.

  • Lemax

    OMG?! After reading this comic several times I just realized something, what if Pearrane was the wizard that Kay was looking for all this time (the original master that cursed her), because in the conversation before with Galldrake, he said her master was still alive, and even though I don’t no how long she was in that chest most of her life, if sentries past then the wizard must be immortal and the only person we know that has that ability so far is Pearrane. ( Just a wild guess..)

  • Misteria Thean

    I am totally not shipping them right now-
    TOTALLY not doing that…-

  • StraightHaired

    Reunion hug!

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