Chp4 pg 25

You aren’t falling out of your dream that easy!

Looks whose back! And with new hat..ermmm hood! And here you thought the chapter was over. Super excited about this scene you guys but it kills me to tell you- no update next week!
At least not a traditional update (might post a sketch comic though). I will be out of town for the fourth of July weekend with the Hub and baby (our first trip as a family). I will be around Sacramento playing D&D Next and watching my husband play warhammer with glazed over eyes- possibly attending some firework type events.
Anyways, I hope all my American readers have a nice holiday and I will see you next Monday for mini update of some sort!


Wait, he’s a good guy, isn’t he?

Have fun with your time off.
D&D Next? What’s that? Haven’t played since AD&D 2nd Ed

It was D&D 5th edition but i guess this version is called “D&D Next” dont know a whole lot about it but they have character sheets up so you can beta test the new version.

This is her ‘friend’ from the beginning! Perrane! XD I did actually recognize him, but did not remember his name, just reread the intro.

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