Chp4 pg 22


I was listening to this song the whole time I drew this week’s update, and pretty much decided it’s the theme for this chapter XD. Also some times you need to power thru the art with prog rock! yeeeeah!

Just on the border of your waking mind
There lies… Another time
Where darkness & light are one
And as you tread the halls of sanity
You feel so glad to be
Unable to go beyond
I have a message
From another time…
-ELO, Time prologue

In other news, that game that I work on (for my real job) now has friend  codes, so if any of you happen to play HonorBound feel free to add me (58F-A3A6). I promise i don’t cheat…though i do have that power (・`ω´・) (…not really).

  • Guesticus

    She may have deserted him, but it was the others who took their chance and stabbed him in the back

    But asshole like him (who probably totally deserved it) just sees a former slave he can take his impotent rage out on (if the other former slaves are still alive, they are out of his reach)

  • S’rah

    I just caught up on this comic.. I am really loving the story, characters, and the art.
    Really fantastic and compelling.

  • Infini

    Hooray for the power of prog rock! : D And so the mystery deepens…

  • Daniel Abbott

    If I remember correctly, fire and bone dolls don’t go together, so well… I know Kay survived, but I got the distinct impression that wasn’t supposed to happen?

    • Christy

      Kay got the heck out of there as soon as Galldrake lost control- so she managed to escape the flames before they overwhelmed the room. The other dolls stayed behind…it’s safe to say they did not survive that fire.

  • MilkyTea

    I can’t help but feel his death could have been avoided had he simply used a base for that mirror… or a wall hook to hold up… instead of having magical concentration-controlled slaves “assist” him with it while he concentrated all his brain power onto said mirror’s visions. Heck, he could have had the little puppet guys carve him a nice big, sturdy base for his mirror if he wanted to.

    • Christy

      His mirror has a base, you can see it more clearly on page 20

      He was actually channeling the magic from his servants to increase his psychic reach- the servants arms are up because they are casting- hmmm, perhaps this isn’t so clear in the previous page.

      Anyways, Id say his biggest mistake was trying to do a ritual by himself and depending on his own cursed servants to assist him. But wizards tend to be a secretive bunch, especially if they are poking around in places they shouldn’t be.

      • MilkyTea

        Hooo, you’re right. I didn’t see that there. Still a bad call to use the cursed puppets though like you said.

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