Chp4 pg 21

Hard to get your story straight when your enthralled to a giant mirror

Rullevan Galldrake “aka bearded dead wizard” has a whole back story not really relevant to the main story line. 800 years a go he was a crowned prince who decided that there was no point to wealth and power if you couldn’t hang on to it in death. Hence his fixation on finding the secret to immortality.
No one was sorry to see him go…

Anywho, chapter 4 is getting close to the end..I’m getting excited XD


I can’t wait to see what happens!! You left it hanging at a very good point. Looking forward to see what happens!!!!!!!!!

Nice Billy Joel reference at the end :D

Did it really not occur to Crown Prince Doofus that his own slaves would turn on him the moment they saw a chance?

Pretty pretty Owl power! I had to say it. Also, that owl has a chest pain, i wonder why. And I still don’t understand the importance of horns.

Glad you think its pretty! ^__^

Horns/antlers are a feature that only “fauni” have, which is most wizards/witches in this story. If a fauni suffers the removal of their horns they would lose all their powers. Humans (which we will run into later ) do not have horns or any magical powers of their own, but they could potentially wield magical artifacts (for example a wand made from a fauni horn). This is part of the reason why Trystan lives in a walled city, to defend against outsiders who want to steal their people’s magic. Its a dangerous world out there.
More of this kinda stuff will be explained more in future chapters but i hope this answers any nagging questions. XD

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