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They are triplets!

You ever notice how some kids are really mature for their age, and than there is that kid who is the exact opposite. There is some of that going on here. If anyone is curious, the VIP treatment with the luggage is largely due to the fact that Trystan’s sister flirted with a wall guard before they entered the city. Poor guy is wasting his time.

Oh oh! Thank you for the spooky comic recommendations guys! I was going to make a long post about it but the baby is really kicking my but health wise this past weekend. I will update with some links later ^__^

  • Jasper

    Wow, Just read up to this point in one sitting! This is a great comic you created! Thank you for posting these!

    • Christy

      nice! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • hailfire

    wow would have never guessed they were triplets. figured that it might had been twins but the fact that its triplets makes it weird but i’m sure it has a story line to it.

    • Christy

      The oddness of the Wicker family has been observed by many people in the local Fauni community as well. Though we will get more into that later.
      Interesting note, twins are extremely common with Fauni (triplets still are rare but not unheard of) , maybe i will talk about this next page update.

  • Molly

    Wha? Triplets, huh? Interesting. They seem like royal pains. I would be Trystan’s friend for sure!

    By the way, I feel like your art style is getting better and better as these pages go by. :D

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