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*Comic Page edited on 10/13*

Hope Everyone is having a Happy Holiday!

I will be spending mine making comic pages and drinking eggnog, which makes me quite happy indeed.

**UPDATE**  I thought I mention a Christmas gift I got this season. A very kind family member gave me the graphic novel  “ZOT” , Scott McCloud’s complete black and white collection. I’m so excited to read through this! For anyone who doesn’t know, Scott wrote one of the greatest books on the subject “Understanding Comics“. It is a book I reference again and again and was a huge help to me when I was studying illustration. I don’t want to use this post to express how difficult comic making is, but i had no idea how deep the subject was until I read Scott’s books.

Next Monday’s update will be in a new year, see ya then!


McCloud is amazing. Have you read Making Comics yet? Some great elaboration on the process and approaches of actual creation.

The detail in your dragon-lion is lovely!

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