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Only the cool kids tie a red cloth to their horns…

This week I want to talk about this strange little comic called “Romantically Apocalyptic” – actually their readership is in the the millions now, so they¬† are hardly a little comic any more. I stumbled upon the site about a year go and was absolutely mesmerized by the art style (a mix of photo manipulation and painting makes this look like concept art for a high production film). It has a beautiful cool factor that can’t be ignored. So its worth a look for the art alone.

The comic starts off almost like any other strip comic with little one off gags involving 2 gas masked characters, The Captain- who is a captain and Mr.Snippy – who is a sniper, living in the ruins of a post apocalypse. Yes the humor is a little dark and twisted but never offensive or mean spirited. I quickly fell in love with these two guys as they¬† developed their own unique and memorable personalities. Before you know it they are off on bizarre adventures surrounding underground cults, mutated creatures, aliens, and artificial intelligence. At times the comic gets so bizarre that it is difficult to know if certain events are really happening or if they are only delusions of the main characters from being exposed to too much radiation. The comic is also supplemented with a lot of extra blog notes, poetry, and even art created by the characters themselves (one of my favorites being Pilot’s very deep and philosophical reflections on why all people are shoes). They also foster a great community on the site and facebook.

So take a look, and if you are already a fan than check out their current IndiGoGo Campaign and support the creators!

  • Gillsing

    Ah, Phinny’s plan seems to be working. Causing a fuss for no particular reason did seem a bit tame compared to the dire warnings from the cupboard.

    As for Romantically Apocalyptic, I used to read it. But then it became so trippy that I completely lost my bearings. And it didn’t seem like it would ever get back to a point where I could follow what was going on. So I decided to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

    • C. Morgan

      I admit that RA does have some strange continuity problems but some of that I attribute to all the weird guest strips. Also when I came across a page I really didn’t understand there was usually some extra character blog that it was referencing. This adds more work to the reading/comprehension of it but the experience is so unique from other comics I have read that I don’t mind as much. For now it still amuses me enough that I want to see where this all is going, hopefully not too far off the deep end.

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