Chp1 pg 12

*Comic Page edited on 10/13*

The introduction will be wrapping up in a few weeks. Ive been hard at work on the next chapter, trying to get everything stylistically consistent (it was tricky to switch over).

Oh, A podcast that I listen to called the Webcast Beacon used some art of mine on a recent show. I’m glad they used my illustration on this episode because I am very fond on the featured guest, Dawn Griffin who is the creator of Zorphert and Fred- a very cute comic about aliens and doggies! She is also a member of the Webcast Alliance which is a great resource for all things web comics. Both are very much worth a look ^__^


does Perenn have wings? It looks like it but I’m not sure if those are wings or some sort of cloak. the loin type thing he was when he rescued her had wings but they vanished.

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