posted Aug.22.16 at 12:01 am

Maeve is on a mission!

Please read the blog below and answer this poll.

Hello Everyone, as promised here is an important question I have for all of you in regards to Forgotten Order merchandise. For awhile now i have been researching some fun options and have settled on a enamel pin of "Ghost" Kay's silent sidekick. Heres the specs for this little beauty:

  • Metal soft enamel pin with a slick epoxy coating (to give it a smooth jewelry like finish).
  • 1.5" tall (about 38mm)
  • The white enamel will glow in the dark making this piece special from a lot of standard pins out there. 

For a better idea of the glow here is an example.

So here is the deal, producing something like this isnt cheap and requires high minimum orders. Normally I would love to invest in a product like this for you guys but do to present circumstances (me being unemployed still) for this to get made it will require preorders.

Im posting up a poll
please give me an honest answer on wether or not you would purchase this. Dont worry, if I cant get a set amount of peorders promised than the production will just be put on hold until I can personally cover the costs (probably in the winter). But if you dont want to wait than preorders can help a great deal in getting these made before xmas. Here are the details:

1 pin $10
Shipping (2.75 USA) (9.50 CANADA) (INTERNATIONAL: 13.50)

So, If your american your total cost would be $12.75 for your pin! (sorry international customers, I will investigate a better option for you but shipping costs seems hard to get around). The preorder price would be a discount, the store price for these pins would be $12, so this is a chance to save a few bucks! Production might take 30 days or more, so expect your owl to arrive about a month after the preorder.

I would love to hear your thoughts as well in the comments. Do you hate this pin, would you rather save your moneys for something else? Is the shipping a major downside? Let me know!

If poll results are favorable I will post details in the followinfg weeks on how to preorder your own owl!